#MondayMusings – All Saints’ Day

Monday Musings

All Saints Day is usually celebrated on November First.  Hallows means “saint” so Halloween is the eve of All Hallows.  Halloween has become one of the biggest holidays of the year, commercially.  It’s in reach of blowing past Christmas in terms of spending on decorations, food, and beverages.

I’d like to suggest that writers get back to the original meaning– honoring all saints (great writers and great mentors) known and unknown.  (The idea being there are saints in heaven who never claimed that title on earth. And writers and mentors who never got the recognition they deserved.

Who is in the pantheon of writers who influenced you and sustained you and inspired you when times were tough?  Maybe it’s time to give due and celebrate all those unknown and uncelebrated writers who persisted for love of the craft.

My unknown saints are:  My mom, who transcribed my stories before I could write and entertained me with her stories of Bongo the Circus Bear and his Adventures. My dad, trapped in a job he hated, who thought I could do anything and never even suggested I ever get a “real” job or have a “back up” plan that didn’t include the arts.

My high school English teacher who believed I could be a writer.  And helped me believe it too!

My husband, who has made his living as a lawyer representing musicians and artists of all kinds, who has represented me all through my career.  He was, is, and ever will be my rock.

A UCLA film school professor who was and continues to be my mentor, inspiration, guru, and rabbi all rolled into one.

These are my “saints” and I honor and remember them today.  Who’s in your pantheon?


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