#MondayMusings – Awesome Oslo


I have been away from Norway for a while. When I arrived, I realized how much I missed working in Oslo. The Drama Days summit was wonderful.  Interesting panels and most of my local professional colleagues in one place!!  I did a short lecture on The Emotional Toolbox and the following day a full day workshop.

I had a great weekend off– well, sort of off.  I had several project synopsis to read in preparation for one-on-one consultations for the Norwegian Film Institute.  Excited to meet all the writers.  Several of the projects have already been commissioned by the NRK (Norway’s equivalent to the BBC).

Some great drama and comedy shows are coming from the network– I particularly loved Norsemen, a wacky comedy, Valkyrien, a wonderful medical thriller, and Occupied,  a show about the stealth takeover of the Norwegian government by Russia for the oil and gas resources (on TV 2).  You can catch all of this on Netflix!

Here is a great video that gives a taste of Oslo:

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