Beyond Lemonade – Preparing the Sales Deck

3748835100_544e0bc2fc_bI had a call with London on Monday to discuss the PowerPoint/video sales presentation needed to sell the show and concept to potential sponsors. This week I am writing the first draft of the narrative for the slides.  Next week, the London office will be in LA with a variety of logos and design documents to choose from.

What do you need to sell a show and website?  Here are the key questions you need to answer in such a presentation:

Who are you and what do you bring to the table?

Who is your target audience?  Why will they watch your show?  Facts and figure about your audience demographics and their buying power go here. What do you have to offer that your audience isn’t getting elsewhere?

What is the show’s concept in a nutshell?  Who are the characters and what kind of story are you telling?

You will need 3 minute trailer that gives sponsors a taste of the style, tone and the production quality of your episodes.

Next comes a summary of specifics: How many episodes are you planning?  How long will each episode be?  How will the series unroll and  over what span of time?

How and why must this concept live online (why can’t it be just a film or TV series)?  What makes the show particularly an Internet series? How is it interactive?  How does it exploit the unique qualities of the web?

Why would potential sponsors be interested?  How do their needs and target market match up to yours?  What are the variety of ways a sponsor might participate in or support your show?  How does your series fit into a targeted sponsor’s overall strategies or strategies on the web?  You need to do your research here and know the brands you are approaching, so you can respond knowledgeably to their needs.

No matter what kind of show or project your are pitching you will need to answer these basic questions.

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