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Why is the Cop on the Job?

“Why” cops do what they are do and “Why” they are affected by the job

#ThinkpieceThursday – The Comedy and Drama of Change

#ThinkpieceThursday - Writers are advised to write what you know. What we know the most about is change

John Cleese on Creativity

The brilliant comedian tackles the serious subject of creativity

#TypesTuesday – Tracy Flick and Hillary Clinton : Power of Conscience

#TypesTuesday - Tracy and Hillary are Power of Conscience unleashed

#MondayMusings – In Italy with RAI Television

#MondayMusings - What the main character wants is a clear and simple ego-driven goal

Valdimir Putin and the Power of Will

Stalin and Putin: Power of Will

New eBooks in Production

Updating my eBook collection for sale

#WritingAdviceWednesday – Great Comedy Advice from Bill Hicks

#WritingAdviceWednesday - Comedy And Screenwriting Tips

Disney’s “Frozen”

"Frozen" has been a great commercial success and has had a generally positive critical reception

Interesting vs Profound

The most entertaining stories incorporate elements that are both interesting AND have some kind of deeper meaning. All great movies have both
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