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Biggest Sleeper Hits of the Decade

Here's a list of the biggest sleeper hits of the last ten years. What patterns do we see? Only two could be classified as drama, and both feature foreign locales and are about foreign nationals. Two are documentaries (one is a comedic practical joke video). Four are comedies. And two are horror films.

Nancy Meyers – It’s Complicated

PART AND PARCEL of her uniqueness is Nancy Meyers’s focus on making films that both feature and speak to middle-aged women, a demographic that studios traditionally ignore

Invictus – Power of Conscience

The excellent film, Invictus, starring Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela is a great study in Power of Conscience leadership

2009 Spec Script Figures

For those of you figuring the odds of making a spec script sale (or trying to allocate your time toward what would be most productive in your career)— here is an unscientific wrap-up of the market from Jason Scoggins, a partner at the literary management and production company Protocol

Another Brave Soul Online

Just got this note from Mark Gantt, another filmmaker not content to sit on the sidelines. Check out the trailer for his new online series, The Bannen Way, it is really well done! Link here

What Makes A Good Logo?

The next big step in Beyond Lemonade is creating a logo for the show and the brand. In doing some research I came across this fascinating story of how one of the most distinctive logos in television history was created-- the CBS eye. Video here

Tarantino’s Top 2009 Movie Picks

Quinten Tarantino, leaving his film Inglourious Basterds out of the mix, lists his favorite films of 2009. Not necessarily my choices but interesting never the less

YouTube Moving to a Subscription Model?

YouTube has reportedly moved closer to offering users subscription services to access full-length TV shows, in an effort to tempt more broadcasters on board

#ThinkpieceThursday – Other Internet Success Stories

#ThinkpieceThursday - Studios are increasingly out of the loop when it comes to discovering new talent

Beyond Lemonade – The Concept

When the name Beyond Lemonade was first discussed for my online Fremantle drama series, I was clear about what I thought it meant— but I wondered if any one else was using the term to convey the same sense of defying expections or making the bolder more audacious move.
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