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Power of Reason

These characters don’t believe in getting personally involved or emotionally entangled in any issue. They always try to maintain a sense of cool detachment and personal objectivity.

The Queen – Power of Conscience

The Queen, written by Peter Morgan, directed by Stephen Frears and starring Helen Mirren and Michael Sheen, is a pitch perfect Power of Conscience character study.

Power of Imagination

These characters are the naifs, innocents and eccentrics, seemingly the last person anyone would think of as a hero. They are, in fact, the classic mythic hero or the reluctant hero that Joseph Campbell and Chris Vogler describe

The Power of Ambition

These characters want the reassurance of the visible, tangible evidence of their outward success or status. The definition and meaning of “success” is at the heart of a Power of Ambition character’s story. Is success truly measured from the outside or from the inside

The Power of Truth

These characters believe the world is filled with hidden dangers, secretive enemies and concealed pitfalls. This character’s philosophy might be stated: “Things are never what they seem.” “Trust no one.” “Question everything." "Watch out for secret agendas and hidden pitfalls."

How The Emmy Got Its Name

Here is how the television Emmy award was named

John Hughes – Power of Idealism

John Hughes passed away today. Molly Ringwald represented John Hughes' romantic ideal of the artist as misfit, sensitive and misunderstood, aspiring to wider acceptance but reluctant to compromise too much

Second Cocktail Question

Continuing the cocktail party questions– “When do you find time to write?”  People who meet me know I have limited time and a lot on my plate, travel, teaching, consulting, etc.  The question also assumes, and sometimes people say it outright, that if they just ... Read more…

2009 Emmy Nominee Analysis

Each Emmy nominated show has a clear, sharply defined protagonist at the heart of its story. Here's a look at each Character Type

Pelham 123 and Duplicity – Unsatisfying Endings

The endings of The Taking of Pelham 123 and Duplicity left me shrugging and saying "Huh?" Both were box office duds. The lesson from both films is "earn your ending."
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