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Beyond Lemonade – The Concept

When the name Beyond Lemonade was first discussed for my online Fremantle drama series, I was clear about what I thought it meant— but I wondered if any one else was using the term to convey the same sense of defying expections or making the bolder more audacious move.

Beyond Lemonade – A Name For My Online Series At Last!

I wanted the name of my online drama series to reflect the optimism, sense of humor, joie de vivre, camaraderie and bold sense of adventure that sustains my characters on their journey to reinvent themselves

Vague Characters

Read this if you are kind, strong willed, but can be self-critical

Opportunities Online

I think "being watched" is how any one gets any deal or any assignment in the entertainment business. No one is going to risk any kind of a substantial budget on someone they don't know on some level. Here is why online is the best way to get noticed

Storytelling In The Digital Age: Gary Carter

I've had the great opportunity to work with Gary Carter, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Creative Officer of Fremantle's experimental division, FMX. I've worked with him on the broadcast side of FremantleMedia's business. FMX is the division that is working with me on my online drama and interactive website

How Not To Write Online

Here are my observations about a very spectacular public online series failure: Quarterlife. These are the take-aways from my analysis of the series created by Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick

Make a Plan

Managing our time needs to become a ritual too. Not simply a list or a vague sense of our priorities. That's not consistent or deliberate. It needs to be an ongoing process we follow no matter what to keep us focused on our priorities throughout the day

Take Care of Your Characters

If you understand each of the characters in your script on a deep emotional level the world and plot will take care of itself. Here's how

Are You Living a Default Future?

Here's how to spot old attitudes, emotions, behavior patters and actions that sabotage you and a great exercise to clear you mind for successful writing

A European Observation about American Film

There are interesting reasons for the global dominance of American movies. Here a couple of observations from Europe via movieScope Magazine
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