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My Fremantle Online Series – What’s in a Name?

Probably one of the hardest tasks in getting my new FremantleMedia online series up and running is finding the right name. It's been the source of endless meetings, intense discussions and general agonizing and floundering all around. Why is this naming business so hard? Probably because naming an online series is so important to its success. Here are my thoughts on the process

AFI Digital Storytelling Conference

The AFI DigiFest 2009 is a great opportunity to learn about cutting-edge storytelling and media prototypes created at AFI and across the country. Free registration and links here

The Switch to Online Viewing

Common among many who have cut the cord is a sense of rebellion, not against TV but against service providers. They believe their way of watching represents the future of TV -- online and on demand

Writer Access Project

The Writer Access Project is designed to identify excellent diverse writers with television experience and to bring these writers’ scripts to the attention of showrunners, creative executives and agents for consideration during staffing season. Info here

Call for eQuinoxe Entries

The Call for Projects for the eQuinoxe 6th. International Screenwriters´ Workshop & Master Class is beginning. The new online application is available now.

Map Yourself

A good writer thoroughly understands his or her characters' emotions, inner conflicts and the whole process of internal transformation. Great writers dig deep to find this emotional truth within themselves.

Bill Mechanic’s Speech on Indie Film

Bill Mechanic's speech about the Business of the Business producing films

Cougar Town – When a Character Doesn’t Ring True

Cortney Cox's character is is poorly defined, cartoonish and utterly inauthentic. She acts like a thirty-year old Judd Apatow guy trapped in a one-note joke about being desperate but clumsy in the attempt to get laid.

Battle Speeches – Power of Idealism

It is critical that a battle speech reveal character. Each kind of leader sees the world differently and fights for different reasons. Each kind of leader inspires followers differently

The Informant! – Power of Ambition

Matt Damon plays a pitch perfect Power of Ambition protagonist. A close movie comparison would be to Damon's The Talented Mr. Ripley, another movie that explores dark and twisted side of the Power of Ambition character
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