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The Character Map

What Is A Character Map? The Character Map is a proven way to develop characters that have a rich compelling emotional journey and a dynamic set of internal and external personal conflicts. Use this tool to create characters that leap off the page in your ... Read more…

#BeFabFriday – Joyce Carol Oates: Why We Write

#BeFabFriday - Life has no meaning without the narrative we construct around it

Vulnerability Scenes

Everyone who has heard me speak or teach knows how fundamental vulnerability is to making a movie or television show memorable. The way an audience BONDS with a character is through scenes where the character is vulnerable. Here are some of my favorites-- what are yours

Project Runway and the Power of Love

Anyone looking to develop a compelling male Power of Love character would do well to take a look at Tim Gunn in action on Project Runway

The Cynic’s Guide to Film and Literary Criticism

The tired and jaded view. It's actually quite funny-- and often true!

Power of Conscience

These characters believe they are their brother’s keeper. They feel responsible for the greater good and for doing good. They wrestle with how far they should go in seeking justice and fairness for others, in exposing corruption and injustice or in standing up against evil or wrong-doing. They worry about with what is the higher duty and what exactly is required of them in response

Power of Idealism

Personality Power of Idealism characters believe that life and love should involve a grand passion or an heroic destiny.  They see the world in terms of sweeping epic poetry or as a struggle of operatic proportions.  Intensity of feeling (good or bad) makes this character’s life ... Read more…

Laughing Until It Hurts

“Comedy is never the gaiety of things, it is the groan made gay,” wrote drama critic Walter Kerr. This is the great irony implicit in comedy. It feels good to walk out of a theater laughing. But we often go into the theater not feeling so good. Many times, what makes us laugh is seeing that other people are not feeling so good either

One Hour Screenwriter

A humorous look at putting more emotional and color into your script.

Power of Excitement

These characters are usually an agent of chaos. Their rakish push-the- envelop devil-may-care attitude inevitably shakes things up in a story. But their charm, ready wit and natural talent as an escape artist or improvisor often saves the day
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