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On This Historic Day

This day belongs to the world. Without the good wishes, positive thoughts and fervent hopes of the whole world this day would have never happened. For that, America thanks you

Some Thoughts on Hope

Given the incredible drama of the run-up to the American Presidential Inauguration it seems superficial to write about any other kind of drama. Instead here are some thoughts on hope

Sister Rose on Without A Trace

The television series, Without a Trace, is a classic Power of Truth story. A good friend, Sister Rose Pacatte, wrote about a recent episode “Miracle Worker” in her blog. My comments about her post are in (parenthesis). Sister Rose writes: Did you see Without a Trace last ... Read more…

#ThinkpieceThursday – More Thoughts on Rewriting

In further discussion of yesterday’s post– How do you tackle a daunting rewrite? My best suggestion is to outline your current script draft. Write what actually happens in each scene. What are characters doing? Briefly summarize what people say. Don’t get lost in tweaking dialogue ... Read more…

Revolutionary Road – Power of Idealism

The film Revolutionary Road tells the story of Frank and April Wheeler (Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet), two Power of Idealism characters who feel trapped in the bonds of a mundane suburban lifestyle

#WritingAdviceWednesday – Neil LaBute on Rewriting

#WritingAdviceWednesday - Never say in words what you can say with action

Doubt – Truth vs Conscience

The movie Doubt, written and directed by John Patrick Shanley, has an emotional disconnect at its core-- in the most unsuccessful sense of the word

Milk – Lack of Internal Conflict

Milk features standout performances and worthy subject matter of real historical significance. The film, however, is severely lacking in story on several accounts. Too much backstory compromises the emotional power of the film

Stick To It – Reward Yourself

Nick Schenk scored big with Gran Torino after over ten years of struggle, rejection and near-misses. How does someone-- anyone-- keep motivated in the face of impossible odds, daunting circumstances and a crushing lack of validation. Here's how

The Wrestler – Power of Idealism

Randy's tragedy is he finds magic only in the empty choreographed illusions of the ring. He compulsively plays the spray-tanned bleached blond hero to dwindling numbers of cheering strangers
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