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Laughing Until It Hurts

“Comedy is never the gaiety of things, it is the groan made gay,” wrote drama critic Walter Kerr. This is the great irony implicit in comedy. It feels good to walk out of a theater laughing. But we often go into the theater not feeling so good. Many times, what makes us laugh is seeing that other people are not feeling so good either

One Hour Screenwriter

A humorous look at putting more emotional and color into your script.

Power of Excitement

These characters are usually an agent of chaos. Their rakish push-the- envelop devil-may-care attitude inevitably shakes things up in a story. But their charm, ready wit and natural talent as an escape artist or improvisor often saves the day

Mobile Micro-Blog Novel Writing

The Micro-Blog Novel is shaking up a publishing industry that has been declining for a decade. An author of fiction is lucky to sell a few thousand copies of a title. A popular cell-phone novelist sells several hundred thousand, and recruitment for new talent is intense

Write Every Day

Here's how to put Martin Scorcese's philosophy into practice every day. Below is a FREE LESSON from the One Hour Screenwriter eBook

Power of Love

These characters see their own value reflected in the eyes of their love object. Their philosophy might be stated: “You’re nothing without me. (And I feel I am nothing without you.)”

#TypesTuesday – Some Character Type Examples

#TypesTuesday - Here is a list of character examples

The Realm Within

The internal conflict central to "Know Thyself" is key to making any script work. Over the course of a really satisfying film or television show a character makes that risky and dangerous "voyage within."

Why a Character’s Worldview is Important

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." Anais Nin. That is an incredibly important concept in creating authentic characters

#TypesTuesday – Power of Truth in Burn Notice and The Mentalist

#TypesTuesday - Power of Truth characters are driven to look beneath the surface of things
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