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John Hughes – Power of Idealism

John Hughes passed away today. Molly Ringwald represented John Hughes' romantic ideal of the artist as misfit, sensitive and misunderstood, aspiring to wider acceptance but reluctant to compromise too much

2009 Emmy Nominee Analysis

Each Emmy nominated show has a clear, sharply defined protagonist at the heart of its story. Here's a look at each Character Type

Pelham 123 and Duplicity – Unsatisfying Endings

The endings of The Taking of Pelham 123 and Duplicity left me shrugging and saying "Huh?" Both were box office duds. The lesson from both films is "earn your ending."

#TypesTuesday – Land of The Lost and Power of Reason

#TypesTuesday - Any character, regardless of type, can be an idiot or a genius.

Terminator Salvation vs Star Trek – What Is Fair?

Different Character Types view philosophical concepts like fairness, love and social or personal responsibility very differently. They each have very distinct ideas about how the world works and very specific ideas about what is owed to the self and to others

Terminator Salvation – Idealism vs. Conscience

Terminator Salvation is a solid satisfying summer hit. It’s also a great illustration of the difference between a Power of Idealism character, Marcus Wright (played by Sam Worthington) and a Power of Conscience character, John Connor (played by Christian Bale). Although both men ... Read more…

Star Trek 2009 – Spot On Character Types

The big summer hit, Star Trek, is a great opportunity to see the Character Types in action. Character consistency is a crucial reason why the film has played so well with new audiences and long-time fans of the venerable franchise

New In Town – Credibility Problem

The lesson here is make the world real. Keep your character credible or they won't connect emotionally. Treat everyone in the film as a real live three-dimensional human being

John Updike – Writing Routine

An interviewer asked Updike, about his writing routine: You've said that it was fairly easy to write the Rabbit books. Do you write methodically? Do you have a schedule that you stick to? Updike answers with a full explanation of his routine

Novel to Movie Adaptations – John Updike

When looking for a novel to adapt, look for a story that has a strong external narrative. Find a story in which a character's actions lead to specific external consequences with real impact and which effect important transformation in the character or others
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