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Stick To It – Reward Yourself

Nick Schenk scored big with Gran Torino after over ten years of struggle, rejection and near-misses. How does someone-- anyone-- keep motivated in the face of impossible odds, daunting circumstances and a crushing lack of validation. Here's how

The Wrestler – Power of Idealism

Randy's tragedy is he finds magic only in the empty choreographed illusions of the ring. He compulsively plays the spray-tanned bleached blond hero to dwindling numbers of cheering strangers

Live, Love and Write – Happy New Year

As we look forward to the tremendous shifts and changes this coming year will bring in technology, finance, entertainment and politics let us fully and completely embrace the indomitable and unconquerable force of love in our work

Writing Routine

I discovered a great website that discusses how various writers and artists approach their work and organize their day. Below is a discussion of the simple method Anthony Trollope used to write forty-nine novels in thirty-five years!

Frost/Nixon and the Power of Ambition

Frost/Nixon is an epic battle between two Power of Ambition characters.

Slumdog Millionaire – Power of Idealism

Slumdog Millionaire is set in truly horrific circumstances, involving extreme poverty and the foulest kind of child exploitation. I also discovered it is a Power of Idealism film about the triumph of love and the human spirit. It is must-see viewing.

Subtext – Unspoken Communication

The subtext of a scene is the underlying emotion that changes or alters the meaning of the words spoken or the actions taken. Or it is what is “under the skin of a character.” Or it is what is under the surface of what a character says or does.

#ThinkpieceThursday – Einstein and Writing

#ThinkpieceThursday - Einsten's concise quotes are invaluable and timeless

Mad Men – Art vs Commerce

Mad Men has had wide-spread critical acclaim, won numerous awards and has become a cultural reference-- but it has a very small audience. This struggle between art vs commerce and high brow vs low prestige mass entertainment is a dilemma writers and producers wrestle with continually

#MondayMusings – Creating a New Character: Backstory

#MondayMusings - What is your character's backstory?
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