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Ugly Betty – 2008 Premiere Disappointment

The show premiered only marginally up from its low of last season. Here’s what I believe went wrong with the season premiere (and what danger signs it sends for the rest of season three)

Raising the Bar – Not Bochco at His Best

The audience needs to be actively concerned about a character's sanity, safety or soul to be truly engaged

Antidote to Bad News

People who want a rich full life might be better off pursing play rather than wealth to get all that will make them happy

#WritingAdviceWednesday – Coming of Age Films and Power of Idealism

#WritingAdviceWednesday - Coming of Age films, as I define them, are Power of Idealism films

Second Hand Wedding

As a frequent flyer on Air New Zealand I have the opportunity to see regional films that don't ever make it to the US in wide distribution. My favorite film this trip was the delightful and heartwarming Second Hand Wedding. It's everything one would want in comedy.

Values at Stake – Film

The obstacles in a film or television series should create the kind of risk, peril or danger that pushes the character to take actions that define what is most fundamentally important or true in a character’s life.

Values at Stake – Televison

A character should be forced to make a stark, definitive and active choice. As one value is ultimately chosen, the character finally negates or surrenders the other contrasting value. What price is paid for the character’s choice?

The Invitation

When I was in my Master's Program at the UCLA Film School I got a handout with a copy of a wonderful poem, A Passion for the Possible. For me, the poem definitively sums up what the audience is looking for in a character.

Emotional Status Quo

Too often characters seem to have emotional amnesia, especially when off stage for a couple of scenes. What's a character's emotional status quo? It's the emotional temperature of the character when he or she enters a scene.

What Happens in Vegas

This film is a high-spirited Romantic Comedy romp that is a really enjoyable surprise. It has its flaws, particularly in its rather pat ending is well worth seeing

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