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A Moment of Inspiration

I came across this item and found it to a perfect recipe for a terrific creative life

Loss and Grief

Whenever a character is disappointed, rejected, humiliated or spurned (or has a set-back of any kind), he or she experiences a loss. The question is, how does experiencing this loss reveal character? The loss and grief cycle includes these character revealing steps.

#TypesTuesday – Mad Men and Power of Truth

#TypesTuesday - Stories that are about issues of loyalty and betrayal.

Great Student Film Competition

Voted "Best" Student Film Festival by MovieMaker Magazine, the Angelus Student Film Festival draws entries from graduate and undergraduate students of film from around the world.

John McCain – Power of Idealism

In watching the grand drama of the American election play out, it's interesting to look at the candidates' Character Type. John McCain is a classic Power of Idealism character.

#WritingAdviceWednesday – Making It Personal

#WritingAdviceWednesday - Quit obsessing and start writing.

#TypesTuesday – Revolutionary or Rebel Part Two

#TypesTuesday - In order to have real power, a story and a character must have a single clear emotional focus

#MondayMusings – Revolutionary or Rebel

#MondayMusings - Rebels are opportunistic, but Revolutionaries strive for change

Ideas in the Air

A question I frequently get asked is: "What if someone steals my idea?" The fact is, you cannot protect an idea. You can only protect the expression of the idea. Your unique expression or individual point of view is what makes any of your script ideas valuable or protect-able

Wall-E – Getting to the Essence of Things

In a few seconds the audience (or executive in a pitch session) should be able to get the essential core of your story and character. One of my favorite quotes is by Albert Einstein: “If you can’t say it simply and briefly you probably don’t understand it well enough.”

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