Welcome To The New Site

rocket_launch_etbscreenwritingWelcome to our launch of  ETB Screenwriting: An Emotional Toolbox Website.  We’ve redesigned the site to make it more active, colorful and easy to navigate.  I hope you come back often!  Here is a quick tour.


There is a search window on the black menu bar.  This is a quick and easy way to find all the posts on any one of the Nine Character Types or a post on a specific movie or television show.

Menu Tabs

The tabs on the top black menu bar contain general information about all Nine Character Types, the Character Map, The One Hour Screenwriter and information about me– including a Bio, Workshops and Endorsements of my methods and materials.

Featured eBook

The Featured eBook section contains the latest ETB eBook.  We are now working on new Character Map eBooks series containing Character Maps, explanations and examples for each of the Nine Character Types.  This new site and new shopping cart system allows us to  post special offers and discounts.  Watch this space.

Blog Posts

The colored sections above divide all the blog posts into categories– Video posts, posts about movies, about television, writing tips and just general musings on pop culture and the world at large.  There are well over a 100 posts on these topics.  Please leave your comments or questions on any of the posts you read.

Thanks for Visiting.  Come Back Again!

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