Mapping Process

golden-key-etbscreenwritingThe Key To Your Answers

Now that you’ve completed Character Map Questions for yourself, let’s look at your responses as if you were a character in a screenplay or television script.

The informational pages that follow will guide you step-by-step through the mapping process. You will map strengths, weaknesses and the potential for change and transformation and learn how to transfer your responses onto the diagram most effectively.

The key is to edit your answers to a few words that are as clear and specific as possible. I’ve worked with writers who have created four or five versions of their Character Map. Every time they answer the questions they hone their choice of words and create a sharper more precise definition of their responses.

Character MapNext you’ll analyze the diagram as if it were a screenplay, script, teleplay or story. You will look at the process in three “acts”— or the beginning, middle and end of the story or story cycle. You will choose between two alternative paths and be presented with two possible choices as to how the script could conclude.

After you’ve mapped the entire process from beginning to end, you can take apart the diagram to write your script. You can re-structure the diagram as a non-linear narrative, feature film, television sit-com or one-hour drama teleplay. If the character’s emotional journey is true, the story will ring true regardless of the form or order in which it is told.

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