Question Five

hulk-etbscreenwritingThe Character’s Trouble Traits

Write the answers to Question Five above the Strongest Traits on the diamond.

Question Five: What are the traits that get you in trouble? Sometimes, when things are going reasonably well, this is what will muck it up. This is the way you most often get yourself in hot water with loved ones, co-workers, authority figures or friends.

This answer is a list of the character’s Trouble Traits.Trouble Traits

These Trouble Traits are how the character sabotages him or herself. It is how the character falls into self-limiting emotional traps. These are the ways the character succumbs to the antagonist’s fear-inspired temptations to behave badly. The character’s Trouble Traits are the root cause of his or her problems with self and with others.

The Character’s Trouble Traits are:

– The combination of traits that make up the character’s Achilles heel.

– The traits that the antagonist exploits to push, prod, lure or tempt the character into acting like a fool or against his or her best interests.

– The traits that make the character fall into or create emotionally destructive situations.

A character always is or her own worst enemy.

Character MapThe smart and savvy antagonist simply preys on the character’s fears and then goads or tempts the character into behavior which causes the character trouble, alienates others, complicates already difficult problems or makes a bad situation worse.

A character’s own inner demons are a much more effective force of destruction than any external force exerted by another. Giving your character authentic Trouble Traits will make your character more venerable, complex and interesting. The audience identifies much more closely with fear-inspired troubles than with troubles caused by alien forces outside the character.

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