#MondayMusings – Day One at eQuinoxe

Snowy Road

Snowy Road in the Bavarian Alps

Snow began to fall at about midnight last night and continued through the day.  Slow, lovely and steady.  There’s maybe three + feet all around. It’s was quite magical and just the day to read a script in front of the fire! Looks like an early Christmas card.

The advisors all arrived today.  We attended a wonderful jazz concert at Schloss Elmau, which is renown for its music, literature and art programs.  That’s why the place is such a great fit for the eQuinoxe workshops.  It’s a great atmosphere of culture and creativity.

We had a lovely get-to-know you dinner with all the advisors.  I’ll be working with Kit Carson (Paris, Texas), Claire Dobbin (Australian Film Commission), David Keating (Last of the High Kings, Into the West), Anthony McCarten (Death of a Super Hero), Susanne Schneider (The Day Will Come), Martin Sherman (Mrs. Henderson Presents) and Time Squyers (Ang Lee’s long-time editor).

It’s a wonderful group and we will meet tomorrow to begin discussion of the scripts in the workshop.   Let the passionate debates begin!

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