How to Evaluate Stories

This concise checklist of questions and examples helps writers, producers, editors, publishers, and development executives quickly zero in on key story problems. It reveals what’s missing in any problematic plot. Find what’s wrong and fix it fast!


Laurie Hutzler’s handy primer is the result of ten years of teaching at the UCLA Film School and consulting on stories across the globe – from Academy Award winning movies to hit television series and popular novels. Anyone who has to evaluate stories will want to keep it on their desk as a ready reference.

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“This little book is so packed with story wisdom it is mind boggling.”
—Meg LeFauve, producer, screenwriter, former President of Jodie Foster’s Egg Pictures


  1. Reply Lynn Johnston 25th April 2012

    Will this ebook be available in PDF or EPUB anywhere? I didn’t see it in the shop.