Join Me In Sweden in April and May

I will be in Stockholm from April 29 to May 5.  I will be meeting one-on-one with writers, producers, and productions executives but there are three workshops open to the public.

Character Map Workshop – April 29

  • What tools are in storyteller’s Emotional Toolbox?
  • What determines a character emotional power in a story?
  • How does a storyteller create fictional characters that always “ring true”?
  • What is the Character Map?
  • What six questions define a character?
  • What are the four dynamic conflicts that motivate any character’s actions?
  • Character Map demonstration/exercise:
  • How does emotion generate action?
  • What key emotion does the hero/protagonist always share with the villain/antagonist?
  • How does the antagonist attack or tempt the hero emotionally?
  • How do heroes/protagonists fall to the ”Dark Side”?
  • What must the protagonist surrender in order to prevail in the story?
  • What important emotional step must a character take to complete his/her emotional journey successfully?

Thriller Workshop – April 30

  • Emotion Power vs Genre
  • What is a Thriller vs a Detective Story vs a Crime Story?
  • How motivation and character determine Story Type
  • What is the Power of Truth?
  • How the Power of Truth propels a protagonist through the thriller plot line and creates an emotional bond with the audience.
  • How great story twists develop Power of Truth themes of loyalty and betrayal.
  • How deceit and deception keeps the audience off balance.
  • How storytellers can increase mistrust and suspicion by turning allies into enemies and enemies into allies
  • What drives a Power of Truth story?
  • How storytellers create a compelling internal emotion dynamic for a thriller protagonist
  • How the motivation and psychology of a male protagonist differs from that of a female protagonist.
  • How non-traditional narrative structure is created through character development.
  • How storytellers can re-imagine and refresh this popular film genre and make it uniquely their own.

RomCom Workshop – May 2

This program will help you get to the heart of one of the most beloved film genres. Great ”date movies” are often the biggest box office hits. Most other kinds of films have a love story or buddy subplot.  The program includes a complete discussion of:

  • How the Power of Love drives the protagonist through the story
  • How to couple and uncouple lovers or buddies in sequences that are both entertaining and emotionally moving
  • How to develop the psychological pairings that create the most sparks and ignite the hottest romance
  • How to use the three key elements that make the romantic journey interesting and worthwhile
  • How to establish the qualities of attraction and repulsion that keep the characters and the audience off balance
  • How the motivation and psychology of a male protagonist differs from that of a female protagonist
  • How to re-imagine and re-invent this enduring film genre and make it uniquely your own


Netta Frister Aaron
0725 – 24 99 85

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  1. Reply Saul C 25th April 2013

    Hi Laurie,

    Is the workshop on the 30th in Stockholm going ahead? I have emailed Netta a couple of times but no response.

    Could you share some details?



  2. Reply Jimmy Karlsson 10th May 2013

    At Laurie Hutzer’s workshop in Stockholm I learned something new about screenwriting for the first time in fifteen years. Jimmy Karlsson – screenwriter (Mother of Mine)