Literary Tattoos

wild3Though this isn’t a scientific ranking, it’s the closest anyone’s come to tabulating which books inspire the most tattoos, given the Internet’s evidence. What you’ll find below shows a fascinating effect: as you look past the superficial design, you’ll find a wholly specific reason, wholly specific to the individual. It’s why one person can have an “I am nobody” tattoo from Sylvia Plath and someone else can have an “I am I am I am” tattoo from Sylvia Plath– it shows how we all treat stories and writing differently.

Full and fabulous article and pictures here

I believe fiction is a mirror in which see ourselves– that is why “author’s intent” is never as important as “reader’s (or viewer’s) perception”.

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  1. Reply Susan Kelly 25th January 2012

    I think your link is broken, Laurie. I’ll hunt it down other ways. Thanks.

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