#MondayMusings – Calling out Condescension

Monday Musings

I was shopping in Broadmead the other day and witnessed a heated argument/shouting match between a female bus driver (on the pavement) and a male bus driver standing in the door of a bus.

After she walked away, she caught up with me, and I asked her what had happened.  She reported she was a few minutes late and waited for the driver.  When he didn’t show for several minutes she called dispatch to see if she missed his arrival.  Apparently, the male bus driver was mad she called.

He made a couple of nasty comments condemning female impatience.  She wasn’t impatient.  He was late and off schedule!

It seems like a small thing, but I believe women must call out condescension whenever it happens. Belittling behavior, I believe, must be named for what it is. Don’t ask us to “have a sense of humor” about words or actions that are designed to make us feel small, inferior, or idiotic.




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