#MondayMusings – Let Your Writing Marinate

Monday Musings

I recently finished the first draft of a new project.  Here’s what I do next.  I take some time and read through the whole screenplay once. I make notes of areas that need work or where I want to make changes. Then I stop!

I resist the temptation go back and read it again and again. Or jump into a rewrite.  I just take one complete look and compile one set of new notes for later.

It’s hard to take a deep breath and put your screenplay aside for three weeks or so. But it’s a great discipline to let go. I believe it’s important to give your conscious writing mind a rest and allow your unconscious mind to do its important work.

When I pull the screenplay out in about a month or so I can do so with completely fresh eyes.

It almost feels like I’m reading someone else’s work. I can look at my characters and story objectively.  It’s impossible to have objectivity without a little distance.  Putting work away, letting it marinate, and then getting back to it is the best way I know how to begin a rewrite.

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