#ThinkpieceThursday – Nora Ephon Lights the Way



My good friend Shelley Anderson Meyers published this personal observation in the Huffington Post about Nora Ephron’s effect on her as a writer.  I think the effect of positive powerful female role models cannot be underestimated in the life of a woman writer.

Here’s what Shelley had to say in part:

“When I entered the dark theatre of a smart Nora Ephron romantic comedy a magic spell was cast. I can remember exactly where I was and whom I was with for every one of her movies. I knew brilliance was afoot. I would be touched. I would laugh. I’d believe that men and women really can be friends, that you can meet someone for the first time on a rooftop and happily walk off and live happily ever after, or that can you meet the love of your life over the Internet. Like Nora, I believe in signs, fate, and destiny. I even married a man because he was the only person I had ever heard mention the Seychelles. The mother of romantic comedy, Nora was a cultural barometer who defined the boundaries and meaning of romantic foibles.”

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