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The highest praise a reviewer can give a novel is that it is “cinematic.” A great story unfolds like a movie in the reader’s mind. That’s what every film script must do as well. Someone reading your screenplay must be able to “see” your movie. Whether you are writing a novel or a screenplay you will find the tools here to make your story flow like a film in someone else’s imagination! I can help you “Get to the Heart of the Story®.”

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But don’t take my word for it. Read…

What Others Have to Say:

in-the-valley-of-elah-etbscreenwriting“Laurie Hutzler has a method of exploring and developing characters that I personally found very useful. Her gentle process of posing insightful questions should help any writer create deeper, richer and more vivid characters.”

Paul Haggis, Oscar® Winning Writer/Director of Crash, Writer of Oscar® Winning Million Dollar Baby, Writer/Director of In the Valley of Elah, Writer of Quantum of Solace, Writer of Flags of Our Fathers, Creator of EZ Streets (CBS) and Co-Creator of The Black Donnellys (NBC)

TheBlackDonnellys-OneHourScreenwriter“Laurie Hutzler has a terrific sense of story. She has a gift for inspiring and motivating writers to do their best work. Laurie’s approach will help any writer dig deeper and find the heart of their story. Heart is what great storytelling is all about.”

Bobby Moresco, Oscar® Winning Co-writer of Crash, Writer/Director of 10th and Wolf, Writer of EZ Streets (CBS) and Co-creator of The Black Donnellys (NBC)

tsotsi2-150x150-etbscreenwriting“Laurie has taught me more than anyone about the central importance of character in any screenplay. Her method of character analysis provides an invaluable tool for the writer who needs a non-destructive way to self-critique his or her screenplay. At the heart of every Oscar® Winning Best Film, is a screenplay that is the Best. Laurie’s methods help writers create their Best.”

Peter Fudakowski, Producer of Tsosti, Oscar® Winning Best Foreign Language Film

law&order-svu-etbscreenwriter“Laurie Hutzler knows all the right questions to ask that get you to know your characters inside and out. Her material works, period.”

Mick Betancourt, NBC Staff Writer, The Black Donnellys and NBC Staff Writer, Law and Order: SVU and Comedy Central Comedian



brand-1“Laurie’s keen grasp of storytelling and her focus on emotional truth have inspired our teams of writers, producers and directors around the world. Whether in Germany, Britain, Hungary, Australia – the list goes on – Laurie’s practical, entertaining methods work in harmony with local cultural specifics. The result has been better stories, more truthful characters and creative teams with a better understanding not only of drama, but of themselves”

Nick Malmholt, Head of Creative Development, Worldwide Drama, FremantleMedia

What Is Holding You Back?

NewGiftHand-etbscreenwriting1. Lack of Talent? The less you worry about talent the easier screenwriting will be for you. Children don’t worry about talent. They approach creativity with a sense of discovery, wonder and play. If you’re a beginner, dump your anxiety about talent right now! If you’re already a professional writer, it’s an impossible to perfect what’s already perfect. Your voice is perfectly suited to you! These techniques will free you and you’ll discover in minutes a day how to write with truth, authenticity and heart. You just need to release the amazing gift inside of you. This eBook will unlock the creative voice you already possess.

clock-etbscreenwriting2. Lack of Time? You’re a busy person with an already demanding schedule. You’ve probably worried that it takes full-time effort to do your script justice. This simply isn’t true. Research shows that the most productive writers experience intense creativity in short bursts. You can write your script in one-hour blocks of sustained effort. These short creative sessions add up over time. This eBook shows you exactly how to make the best use of every minute you have. You will finish your project even if you’ve got a full-time business or career, have demanding family obligations, have civic or social duties or have other pressing personal demands on your time, If you value your time and have very little to spare, this eBook gets you writing quickly and effectively in the time you do have.

clover1-etbscreenwritingJust Unlucky? Luck has nothing to do with executing a simple, practical and effective writing plan. Luck has nothing to do with finding your unique voice. Luck has nothing to do with accomplishing your goal of finishing your script. Follow the step-by-step guidelines the eBook sets out and you’ll learn how to connect personally with your character and story in a way that is authentic and real. You’ll learn how to stick with your project and overcome the creative blocks stopping you. Unlock the powerful voice you already posses and discover a nonstop route to completing your screenplay successfully. This eBook will unlock the wonderful stories already inside of you.

fear-etbscreenwriting 4. Fear of Failure? Don’t back away from, deny or hide from your fear. Don’t try to cover it up or push it away. Instead, learn how to make fear your strongest ally. Learn how to use your fears and anxiety to create powerful and compelling movie moments. These screenwriting techniques will teach you how to harness your fear and make it work for you rather than against you. Use your fear to make your script unfold successfully! This eBook will show you how to put ALL your emotions to work in a clear a step-by-step plan and using real-life specific examples. This eBook will show you exactly how to make fear your best friend!


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face_off-etbscreenwriting“By clearly demonstrating how to write a screenplay in a single hour a day, Laurie Hutzler has demolished the last great excuse not to write…Keep her materials within easy reach and refer to them often, because it is an instruction manual for screenwriting success. I loved it. Great stuff.”

Michael Colleary, Co-Producer and Co-Writer of Box-Office Hit Face/Off, Co-Writer of Laura Croft Tomb Raider, and Producer and Co-Writer of Firehouse Dog

What You Need To Accomplish Your Dream

You already have an idea of what you want to write. You already have the seeds of a story ready to germinate and grow. So all you REALLY need is:

1. A Workable Plan: You need to organize your screenwriting time and use every moment effectively. This eBook has a proven day-by-day and hour-by-hour plan that makes the most of every moment you do have. It has tremendous flexibility and an easy, creative flow. You will be inspired and not inhibited by a clear process designed to enhance your creativity and develop your own unique voice. Use this eBook to make every minute writing count.

2. Screenwriting Confidence: These techniques start with your life experience and your own emotional journey so you will write with complete confidence and authority about what you already know best— your own personal experience! You will learn how to turn your own thoughts, feelings and emotions into powerful fictional stories. Your screenplay will have the ring of truth because it comes from an authentic place deep inside of you! NO ONE can write your story except YOU!

3. Thoughtful Guidance: I will be with you every single day in writing prompts, every week in audio lessons and written writing assignment. Hour-by-hour, day-by-day, I will be right along side of you every step of the way, providing gentle questions to prompt you, ideas to inspire you and crucial screenwriting tips, trick and information to lead you in exactly the right direction. You’ll never flounder or stall wondering,“What should I do next?” Everything in the process is carefully and clearly explained. I have been teaching and consulting all over the world for years. I have busted the toughest blocks and have broken through the thorniest plot and character problems in both television and film. You are in very experienced hands. I know exactly how to encourage and inspire you and move you past all your writing limitations.

I know how to keep a writer writing! I have motivated hundreds of writers just like you to take the crucial steps necessary to complete their screenplay successfully.

contact-etbscreenwriting“The absolutely essential reason for any writer to use Laurie’s techniques is because they work. You can actually capture your creative lightning in a bottle, set it on a shelf, and uncork whenever you need it— first draft to the umpteenth revision. I kid you not!”

James V. Hart, writer of Hook, Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula, Contact, Tuck Everlasting, Sahara and August Rush


What You Will Learn

1. How to write your screenplay in an easy, creative flow and in just one hour a day!

2. How to use your own life experience and personal emotional journey to create powerful fictional plots and characters.

3. How to blast through writer’s block and other creative stalls that hamper and inhibit your screenwriting.

4. How to create a rich, complex and vivid protagonist.

5. How to solve the most difficult story plotting problems through character actions.

6. How to make your screenplay entertaining, surprising and most important of all, MEMORABLE.

7. How to reveal your character’s back-story in a way that is interesting, fresh and dynamic.

8. How to keep your plotting streamlined, simple and emotionally moving.

9. How to incorporate unique plot twists and turns.

10. How to use all your own fears and inhibitions to create memorable movie moments.

11. How to create and maintain conflict throughout your screenplay.

12. How to make a character’s interior thoughts, feelings and emotions active, visible and observable.

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First I will help you will zero-in on the protagonist. My unique and surprising definition of this character contains an essential key that solves a myriad of plotting problems. This important insight alone may help turn your screenplay around and make it work more effectively.

You will also learn a powerful two-minute exercise. In just 120 seconds you will discover what makes a film truly memorable. It’s something that you know already and which is an important trigger in all the films that you love best. You aren’t consciously aware of it. But it is right there in plain sight and your own experience proves it. Discovering this secret is a totally an eye-opening experience. It’s something you can use RIGHT NOW in your own screenplay.

“Laurie’s materials are remarkable because they are are a unique combination of analysis, tools of the trade, inspiration and encouragement. The biggest obstacle to writers is self belief. That is why I find Laurie’s work so inspiring. It acknowledges the painful personal, self-doubting process involved in writing screenplays. Not only that, her work gives writers critical professional tools. It’s a formidable and empowering combination.”

Claire Dobbin, Head of the Australian Film Festival and International Development Executive


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