#TypesTuesday – Power of Reason Facing Horror

Types Tuesday

Each type of film has an emotional structure, what we term alien invasion films, disaster films, horror films, are most often Power of Reason films.

It is always impossible to “understand” the inexplicable or the supernatural. Horrific, bizarre, or nightmarish occurrences cannot be explained, understood or approached in a rational manner.

For example, What is the answer for those stranded on the Lost mysterious island? How do they respond when chaos and terror repeatedly break into and disrupts their lives? In every episode of the highly-rated Season One of Lost, salvation comes through creating personal connections and developing more intimate relationships with each other.

Each inexplicable or horrific event brings the survivors closer to one another. They deepen their bonds and learn more about each other. Certainly, there are interpersonal conflicts among everyone stranded on the beach. But their experience tells them (and us) that in the face of chaos or horror all we have is each other. In fact, the early tagline of the show was: “Live together or die alone.”

Human connection is the only antidote to chaos and horror. People always cling closer together in the face chaos or disaster. We all live together or we die alone.

What contaminates, soils or infects us so that we lose our souls or our humanity? What is the difference between a man and a monster? How does the human become monstrous? How does the monstrous become human? What are limits of connectedness and intimacy? How do we become distanced or alienated from our emotions or the warmth of others? Those are some of the fundamental questions at the heart of the Power of Reason story.

Jack Shephard, on Lost, is a Power of Reason character.  He wants to solve things logically but hits on the real theme of the show in this scene.

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