#TypesTuesday – Power of Will: Talk Like A Gangster

Types Tuesday

Power of Will characters fear showing any sign of weakness or vulnerability. They fear that remorse, compassion, empathy, compromise or forgiveness leaves them soft and open to possible attack by others. These characters believe there is no mercy in the jungle that is the world. There is only survival of the fittest. The biggest, toughest, meanest dog wins. Might makes right. Demand what you want and back it up with a big gun. Case in point, John Wayne in the 1948 movie Red River:

These characters speak in a manner that is:

Confident, Robust, Lusty, Passionate, Direct, Bold, Commanding, Incendiary, Ebullient, Decisive, Strong, Energetic, Aggressive, Powerful , Authoritative, Assertive, Forceful, Magnetic, Unyielding, Larger-Than-Life

They can be in speech and action:

Brutal/Brutish, Rash, Impulsive, Thuggish, Exploitive, Reckless, Controlling,  Implacable, Territorial, Vindictive, Confrontational, Cruel, Loutish, Pugnacious, Dictatorial, Paranoid, Obstinate, Predatory, Belligerent, Oppressive, Autocratic, Bellicose, Savage

These are all action words.  Put “to be” in front of any of these words and you have what the character plays in any scene. If the character is not playing one of these actions in a scene it’s probably a good idea to rethink the scene and its objective.

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