Relativity and Human Personality

Leonard-Susskind-etbscreenwritingI read this in a fascinating discussion of Leonard Susskind’s new book The Black Hole War:

“Einstein, in the special theory of relativity, proved that different observers, in different states of motion, see different realities.”

That universal statement of the laws of physics and humanity is at the essence of the Nine Character Types.

The Nine Character Types details how individuals are propelled into action.  These different states of motion (and motivation) cause different kinds of characters to see the world vastly differently.  Each Character Type has a unique perspective based on his or her actions.  And any character’s actions define his or her perspective

There are only three possible biological responses (actions) in response to anything.  These are Fight (Confront), Flight (Withdraw) or Submit (Embrace).

Each Character Type has:  1) Immediate Tactics (what the character does in response to an unexpected problem, challenge, threat or opportunity;  2) a Long-term Orientation (what the character does in response to any ongoing situation;  3) Strategic Approach the character uses to obtain any long-term goal or objective.

A character (and any human being) has a flight, flight or submit response to each of these differing situations.  Conflicting impulses and actions create the internal tension and conflict a character feels.

Let’s take a Power of Love mom as an example:  She bops her son over the head to discipline him when he brings home a bad report card from school (unexpected problem), gives him a warm embrace to tell him she loves him (on-going relationship/situation), and then bops him again to get him motivated to get better grades (achieve her long goal of having her son better himself).

These conflicting impulses will cause many an internal conflict in the mother over the years– the conflicting desire to smack a kid and embrace him.

Any Character Type can be a mom and each has a vastly different approach to parenting.  I used the Power of Love mom because she is a strong character stereotype easily recognized for the purpose of example.

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