Storytelling In The Digital Age: Gary Carter

gary-carter_frmantlemediaI’ve had the great opportunity to work with Gary Carter, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Creative Officer of Fremantle’s experimental division, FMX.  I’ve worked with him on the broadcast side of FremantleMedia’s business.  FMX is the division that is working with me on my online drama and interactive website.

In these clips Gary Carter talks about his company in the changing landscape of digital storytelling.  He is a real visionary about media and is speaking at the nextMEDIA conference in Banff, where the world’s leading edge content creators, aggregators, broadcasters, agencies, advertisers, and solution-providers meet annually to discuss the business of the business.


Fremantle Media. The company’s history mirrors the history of screen-based media itself. Gary Carter tells the story of Fremantle from its earliest days to the present age of format wars and reality television.


Gary Carter talks about the run-up to the digital revolution from an age of distribution, talent and technology scarcity to our now ubiquitous ability to produce content and distribute it freely over the internet.


Gary Carter discusses the repercussions of the digital revolution for an old-media company like Fremantle, bound to the traditional models of content production, distribution and strorytelling.


Gary Carter talks about the collapse of the advertising economy and its impact on screen-based content production. According to Carter, it’s a crisis of platform which is being solved by the millions of individuals with access to cheap digital recording technology and zero-cost distribution channels.


Q & A:  Gary Carter talks about broadcasters’ unhealthy addiction to the advertising model, and what lies ahead for traditional television.

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