#MondayMusings – Vision Boards

Monday Musings

I just created a vision board for the second half of the year.  What’s a vision board? It ‘s a visual representation of your goals. These can be personal goals, financial goals, creative goals, goals to balance your life, travel goals, or your dream house or other material purchases. My goals are work/life balance related and steps toward improving my eBook publishing.

Vision boards came into vogue after  The Secret hit the bestseller list. You may think the Law of Attraction is so much superstitious bunk but that’s not at issue here. A strong clear visualization of your end point is always helpful in keeping your eye on the prize and spurring on your journey.

A vision board can be a cork board with clippings and push pins.  It can be a poster board with images pasted on, or it can be a digital design.  I am a fan of Simpleology as an organizing and scheduling tool and I purchased their vision board add-on for $3.00.  I’ve used the Simpleology free version for a number of years and recommend it.

But there are other digital apps out there that help you create a vision board.  Click HERE for a list. I prefer a vision board to Pinterest because it helps to look at the whole connected vision every day or multiple times a day.  Pinterest is just a large collection of individual pictures.

There are no rules.  Just try it!  I’ve created these over the years and they have really helped keep me positive and focused.  The more clearly you know what you want, or know how you want to feel about your self and your work, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. A vision board is not unlike a director’s mood board for a film. It’s what you want a certain span of time to look like and feel like– only it’s your life!

Here are some examples:


Another one:

Another one:


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