#MondayMusings – What Your Comments Mean

187390_2540165_1563165_nToday I had the pleasure of “accepting” five new comments to different articles on this blog.  I want to take the opportunity to let readers know how thrilling it is to get even the briefest comment or “like” on one’s post, article, status update, tweet or other work.  One or two words will do.

So often I wonder, as does every other writer on the planet, is anyone actually reading this stuff?  Is the effort involved in making this information, personal revelation, review or commentary reaching anyone?  I am often surprised when someone mentions a post or essay weeks or months after it was written.  I thought it had gotten lost in the great ether of the Internet.

If you want to make a writer’s heart soar today,  tweet, retweet, comment or “like.”  It only takes a second and it means more than you know.

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