Mark Zuckerberg on SNL

the_social_networkThis video is quite hilarious!  It is triple vision– three guys who look scarily alike.  Jesse Eisenberg (who played Zuckerberg on The Social Network) hosted. Andy Samberg joined Esenberg onstage to add his Zuckerberg impression.  Then the real Mark Zuckerberg, the FaceBook Mogul himself, rounded out the trio of “bergs.”

The lesson here is FaceBook and Zuckerberg’s deft handing of The Social Network movie.  Despite being a fictional and immensely unflattering protrait, Zuckerberg wisely refrained from going ballistic in the press– which wouldn’t have helped and would have only made him look worse.  Now he is at the point of being able to laugh at the whole thing and wins points for not taking himself too seriously.

In my opinion, that’s why Arnold Schwarzenegger is a much bigger star than Steven Seagal.  Schwarzenegger doesn’t take himself too seriously and Seagal takes himself way too seriously.  To survive and thrive in the entertainment, lighten up and and don’t be afraid to share a laugh at your own expense.  The ability to do that shows a touch of humility and vulnerability– and that is always appealing.

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