#MondayMusings – Name Change Controversy

Monday Musings

Had a meeting with my wonderful web designer about some new tweaks to the website.  I am all about making the site easier to navigate and how to get to things of interest more quickly.

We met in the coffee cafe in Colston Hall, right in central Bristol.  History in the UK is different than history in the US. Buildings in the US are considered “old” if they were built in the 1920s, and older buildings rarely survive redevelopment.  The property on which Colston Hall was built dates back to  1574.

Not sure if you can see it, but the price of admission to see the Rolling Stones in the 1970’s was 75 pence and a David Bowie concert would set you back 1.50.



The controversy surrounding Colston Hall is one Edward Colston (2 November 1636 – 11 October 1721).  He was a Bristol-born English slave trader, merchant, and Member of Parliament.

Much of his wealth, although used often for philanthropic purposes, was acquired through the trade and exploitation of slaves.

The question in Bristol is: Should the name of the Hall be changed and his statue removed?  The hall is under-going refurbishment and will drop his name when it reopens.  The statue remains.  For more on the controversy click HERE



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