#TypesTuesday – The Punisher and Power of Conscience

Types Tuesday

This month is Power of Conscience month, where most of the website’s content is dedicated to those who are justice seekers. They believe only they know what is right or wrong, and will go as far as they have to do ensure that wrong is punished or set right.

We will start 2018 by examining these characters. I’ll be looking at some of these examples from TV, Film and the world of politics throughout the course of January.

Frank Castle, A.K.A “The Punisher”, in Netflix’s recent show of the same name, brings to life one of the most controversial and iconic characters in Comic Book history. Driven only by vengeance, he will not stop until everyone involved in the brutal murder of his wife and children is dead. This show and its central character are great recent examples of the Dark Side of Power of Conscience. In fact, the show is full of great Power of Conscience characters

Power of Conscience characters take the law into their own hands and exact their own unique brand of justice. They are fighting for what they believe is right, and never listen to anyone who suggests they may be wrong. Even when they are acting to protect others, they are oblivious to the fact that their approach may actually put people in harm’s way

Frank represents the darkest side of Power of Conscience- he has continued to go further and further to do what he believes is right, without listening to those who may curb his righteousness that he seems like a total lost cause, and many believe him to be nothing more than a psychopath. he has good reasons for what he is doing, but what he is doing will not bring him peace or ultimately resolve his inner conflict, or get rid of the inner demons that haunt him. Frank Castle is a tragic character because he cannot see beyond his mission. As many characters remind him in the show, “say you I’ll kill everyone involved in my family’s death- what then?” and Frank never has an answer.

The show also features David Lieberman, A.K.A. Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), a whistleblower who has to pretend to be dead in order to protect his family. He paid the price for doing the right thing, and Whistleblowers tend to be Power of Conscience characters. He is morally twisted and has no problem enabling Frank’s brutal murdering spree against those who have wronged him, but he represents the lighter side of Power of Conscience. He is one of the few to support Frank, and tolerate him. He understands that Frank is very much like him, but is able to go further than him in order to exact justice and vengeance, so he partners with Frank in order to achieve what he believes to be right.

He is doing it all for his family, both to protect them and eventually return home to them. But he is the only one stopping himself from getting his life back. He is too determined to finish what he started- being a Whistleblower and doing the right thing.

Frank only considers one person as family, and that is journalist Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll). Karen has escaped death at the hands of brutal gangsters, vigilantes and even ninjas, but through it all, she has been dedicated to exposing corruption which she does through official channels. She could easily be viewed as a Power of Truth character, but her sense of right and wrong is more important to her than solving and mystery or exploring a conspiracy.

In the past, dangerous people have asked for her help and she has turned them down because it goes against her own moral code. The fact she is one of the few to constantly defend Frank, despite his brutal methods, shows she will support those who she believes to the good and pure in their actions, even if they cross the line.



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