Why a Character’s Worldview is Important

anais-nin-etbscreenwriting“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” Anais Nin.  That is an incredibly important concept in creating authentic characters. Understanding the very different World Views of the Nine Character Types can make an tremendous difference in clarifying and sharpening your writing.

A character’s World View is how the character believes the world works, his or her perceived role in the world, the character’s philosophy of life and love and a definition of what constitutes a personal goal worth pursuing.

It is impossible for a character to act inconsistently with how the character sees him or herself. For example, a Power of Truth character believes the world is full of hidden pitfalls and secret agendas while a Power of Excitement character sees the world as as a grand playground filled with unlimited opportunities. A Power of Conscience character sees the world as a moral proving ground while a Power of Ambition character sees the world as a ladder of status, success and achievement. A Power of Idealism character sees the world a canvass on which to make a personal mark, unique statement or work of art while a Power of Imagination character sees the world as an opportunity to collaborate and build a community with others. A Power of Reason character sees the world as a logical puzzle to be solved with intelligence and factual expertise while a Power of Love character sees the world as an opportunity to love and be loved. A Power of Will character simply sees the world as a battle ground or jungle divided into predators and prey.

Each of these Character Types will react very differently to any challenge, opportunity or threat that comes across their path.

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