#BeFabFriday – Why it’s important to be crap (at first…)

Be Fabulous Friday


The first hurdle every writer has to overcome- whether it’s you, William Goldman, Aaron Sorkin, or someone working on their first ever script- is to actually write something. Anything. Inevitably, it will be awful- but that’s the point. Some writers, such as Judd Apatow, call it “the vomit draft”. You throw the kitchen sink at that first draft, and then the really hard work begins. So the trick is not to think about it. In

The trick is not to think about it. In fact, if your first draft isn’t crap, and full of ideas that will be cut and changed, you should be worried. Embrace those awful ideas at the start, because it might lead to something incredible later on. Get ready for that first draft to be crap- don’t get disheartened, it’s incredibly important you get the bad stuff out the way as early on as possible. It’s so important that I’ve got 2 quotes to share with you. The first of this week’s advice comes from the writer Laura Simms:

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